What is it about the Switch that many people are buying?

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Screw the Switch. Buy a ps4 instead, and you can enjoy your gaming life more.

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I wonder if geha is controlled by Nintendo.

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Many Switches that were bought with PayPay are going to China.

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Nishikuns, what do you think about it? This is kaitori hosho?

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Do Chinese workers perform Kaitori hosho?

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I found a thread for nishikuns.
There are many friends of yours on it.

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"Resetera pedo are invading again"

This type of comment is enjoyable.
It's the reason I say 4chan is similar to geha.

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>>442161463 (OP)
A worse online experience than the fucking Wii U.
Remember when people were saying "NO this is a GOOD thing because
Nintendo's going to use that money to make online BETTER". Fucking
retards. Paid Online is such a scam.

This is the voice of the world., Nintendo.

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I'm from china.
I will tell you truth about kaitori hosho.
My friend was working for kaitori hosho.
5 months ago, he went to japan and bought 5k copies of certain games
at real shops all over japan and took them back to china.
But he didn't know who his client was. He was just said to buy 5k copies at japan. What do you think about it? I'm not sure whether what he is saying is true or not. But he is a decent and moralistic guy. I don't think he is saying lying.

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Where's the online service Nintendo promised for Switch? Why did they lie?

Everyone knows Nintendo Online Service is poor.
This is how Nintendo do for new technologies.
They alway will start it after the services of other companies took off.
But their services are poor in spite of starting it later. 👀
Rock54: Caution(BBR-MD5:b73a9cd27f0065c395082e3925dacf01)

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This url brings Rock54. Weird.

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That's alright

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Is it 4chan here?

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No, here is Geha.

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Why is Smash brothers that popular all over the world?

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I haven't played it and don't think I want to do it.

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That thread was deleted becase of pedo.
/v/ is severe.

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No one buys a ps classic

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Previous Capcom " We will grow the Switch with Nintendo!"

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Did gokis buy that garbage classic?

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We're gate keepers. We have to defend Sony with stealth marketing.
We're gate keepers. We have to criticize and abuse Nintendo.
We're gate keepers. We're sony warriors. We're classy restaurants.
Sony~Sony~Our Sony~
Sony~Sony~We're Sony~

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nisa yamashita! 
nisa yamashita!

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Originally we signed with SNK on SNK Heroines just on the PS4 format.
Then last year an opportunity happened at Gamescom,
two third parties happened to meet all together outside Nintendo’s meeting room.

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That's alright

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What did nishikuns buy on Cyber monday?

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I wonder if Yamashita-san from Nisa got fired. Is he in Nisa?

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Hey Yamashita-san, can you cancel our contact on ps4?

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Can we cancel our contact on ps4?

554名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 14:19:09.71ID:PDwFE4510
Is it possible to cancel our contact?

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I'm bored right now.

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I'm from the US.
Can anyone talk with me?

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I live in Illinois

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That's alright

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Are nishikuns licking girls' boobs? You're perverts.

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You're lying:d

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Hey yamashita san. Please tell me what happended to between you and Nintendo.

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No, I'm from Illinois.

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just in case, tell us your IP.
We know which state you response from :D

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What? An anonymous forum here. No reason for me to make my ip address open.

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No danger around you, if you are from states. pls!!!

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It's funny. I wonder why you are curious about my ip address.

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Or you can open first few IP letters.
Then we can know with your safe.

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What's wrong with you?

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Is that no way?
Sorry, Let us close talking.
I did not mean to scare you.

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Ok, that's alright.

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