What is it about the Switch that many people are buying?

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1名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:25:27.50ID:XKGTo7b80HAPPY
Screw the Switch. Buy a ps4 instead, and you can enjoy your gaming life more.

2名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:26:34.26ID:JolxZb+m0HAPPY


3名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:27:42.44ID:iqczZS080HAPPY

4名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:30:44.09ID:XKGTo7b80HAPPY
The ps4 including Spider-Man is 199 dollars in the U.S. Why don't you buy one? It's worth it.

5名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:31:01.07ID:FjfXhdNMpHAPPY

6名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:40:28.08ID:NpWijbMVaHAPPY

7名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:41:51.42ID:XKGTo7b80HAPPY
When Nintendo are winning against Sony, they always start exploiting children.

8名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:55:45.71ID:aMK0gIA30HAPPY

9名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:56:01.06ID:lOXkuGinaHAPPY

10名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:58:26.25ID:uB0J8KFo0HAPPY

11名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:09:40.40ID:FNq402qI0
I can never admit the Nintendo's sales protection program to third partys.
It would destroy the game industry. If a third party gets the program,
they would try to make a game for Nintendo, not users. Actually
Panasonic did the same thing on 3DO before. They gave a lot of money
to third parties, and made them make games. They also promised to
buy certain amount of copies to third parties. But as a result it destroyed
the 3DO market. Most third parties made very cheap games
with low costs
and got Panasonic to buy their games, and got a profit with no risk.
And thd 3DO market had too many shit games and was over.

12名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:14:03.53ID:FNq402qI0
Fucking Nintendo. Stop being hypocrite. Protect children against them.

13名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:17:44.83ID:FNq402qI0
No third parties
No game
Poor online service
Higher price than the ps4.
There is no reason you buy the Switch.

14名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:20:42.72ID:FNq402qI0
I wonder what games the Switch users are playing.

15名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:23:24.62ID:FNq402qI0
Have they been playing Splatoon through a whole year?

16名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:28:48.10ID:FNq402qI0
300 yen a month for Nintendo online service
is too expensive for children. Many children are crying. What an evil company.

17名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:37:33.48ID:FNq402qI0
Why are many people buying the Switch? Basically it seems to be the same as the WiiU. They completely ignored the WiiU in spite of having had many Nintendo games. But they buy the Switch now. I wonder if the handheld mode is so important for them. Weird.

18名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:40:33.94ID:FNq402qI0
All lewd games gather to the Switch. Are pigs happy with that? You perverts.

19名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:43:29.99ID:FNq402qI0
I can't help but say most pigs are perverts. Protect children against them.

20名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:48:23.27ID:0DLsnLXo0
are buyiingwwwwwwwwww

21名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 00:48:50.36ID:FNq402qI0
Many lewd games are coming to the Switch. Naturally many children get interested in them and it might turn children into perverts. Why does Nintendo permit it?

22名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 01:20:08.92ID:FNq402qI0
If only the ps4 was 199 dolllars all over the world. Why does Sony give the amazing price to the U.S. only? Is it because their HQ is there?

23名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 01:33:39.69ID:FNq402qI0
Basically pigs don't buy/play games. They just criticize everything Sony does and praise Nintendo. I feel they are just shill hired by Nintendo.

24名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 03:08:02.03ID:FNq402qI0
I thought that now that playing games on smartphones was a thing, consoles wouldn't sell well anymore here. Let alone the Switch.

25名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 03:26:48.22ID:FNq402qI0
The ps4 has sold more than 80 million units worldwide in five years. What about the Switch? When does it exceed the ps4? Can't wait.

26名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 03:47:42.92ID:PkR2B0PV0

27名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 04:22:06.99ID:O39TEJ8qK

28名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 04:23:06.49ID:Q7Z361xo0

29ゲハ ◆GhXkFJ1Xak 2018/11/21(水) 07:32:02.86ID:Ey/FqeM90

30名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 11:50:26.28ID:fJtrJXtDM

31名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 13:04:06.60ID:FNq402qI0

32名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 22:45:06.01ID:FNq402qI0

33名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 22:59:25.84ID:1sXvqY9j0

34名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 23:16:48.73ID:FNq402qI0
Sony HQ is in California now, they are already an American company.

35名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 23:29:32.30ID:FNq402qI0
I'm surprised that Pokemon Pikachu sold more than 600k copies in a week. The Switch is dominating the JP market.

36名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 23:33:52.85ID:GMQC6y8D0
あとdo youで聞かないで is itって普通の英語には感じられない。変

37名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 23:35:13.10ID:FNq402qI0
No, it's natural.

38名無しさん必死だな2018/11/21(水) 23:39:48.21ID:FNq402qI0
Screw your English text books. They are just garbage. No one is using such weird English.

39名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 00:21:42.83ID:ZIBCQtwL0
The Switch sales number. 200k units? Incredible.

40名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 00:24:55.69ID:ZIBCQtwL0
I'm curious about how many Switch would sell during the Chrismas season.

41名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 00:25:22.15ID:rMqz0tYB0

42名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 00:25:54.95ID:AotpBjkg0

43名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 00:29:10.95ID:ZIBCQtwL0
No, the thread title's sentence is correct. It's a common expression.

44名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 00:34:57.47ID:ZIBCQtwL0
I guess you don't understand the meaning of that sentence.

45名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 00:37:06.51ID:ZIBCQtwL0
That thread title doesn't mean that "Why are many people buying the Switch?"

46名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 00:50:50.27ID:ZIBCQtwL0
The ps4 is over. What's wrong with the ps4?

47名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 01:36:35.21ID:ZIBCQtwL0
I wonder what Switch game would sell the most during the Chrismas season.

48名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 01:49:54.14ID:PpZ+vlMXH

49名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 01:53:43.42ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Like I have been saying it over and over again, the thread title is absolutely correct. You don't just know the expression.

50名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 02:02:57.93ID:1jasJO0u0

51名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 02:03:24.86ID:oIJNak4m0
What's your point?

52名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 02:12:35.34ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Look at this tweet, and you would understand that the thread title is correct. It's a common expression.


WHAT IS IT about @Netflix that makes me perfectly willing to watch an
entire season of something in a single sitting, but as soon as I see I'm 3
episodes behind on a cable show I have recorded, I get overwhelmed
and delete them?
https://twitter.com/5chan_nel (5ch newer account)

53名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 02:20:31.48ID:ZIBCQtwL0


What is it about me and my office that other people like to come in and
have their conversations there?
https://twitter.com/5chan_nel (5ch newer account)

54名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 02:33:53.50ID:ZIBCQtwL0
That translation is wrong.

55名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 03:33:23.46ID:oIJNak4m0
so,whats your point?

56名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 10:05:11.08ID:AotpBjkg0

57名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 12:29:10.09ID:ZIBCQtwL0

58名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 12:45:52.81ID:ZIBCQtwL0
The Switch. It's natural.

59名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 12:51:42.98ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Honestly the grammer isn't important so much. Don't mind.

60名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 12:57:30.67ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Grammatical sentences aren't necessarily natural ones.
You should try to write natural ones.

61名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 13:04:45.38ID:T67+C53I0
We Are The Penis

62名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 13:06:57.85ID:kXjpWATlM

63名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 13:10:22.30ID:T67+C53I0
Krazy Pook Die

64名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 13:11:17.81ID:ZIBCQtwL0
I wonder why you are curious about the English of the thread title. Funny.

65名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 13:17:07.61ID:ZIBCQtwL0
It's a common expression. Look at >>52

66名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 13:54:05.95ID:ZIBCQtwL0

@meduza_en Gosh! What is it about this job that carries such a high risk of mortality?
https://twitter.com/5chan_nel (5ch newer account)

67名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 13:56:27.64ID:cDDA5ddN0
I hate sony's sexual restriction.

68名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:00:40.16ID:5aQny/1f0
同じ「許可」でも あんたの意図する使い方ならadmit じゃなくて allowを使えと

69名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:01:25.95ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Mindfulness Wellness @HealingMB
2018/11/22 12:00:02

“What is it about our expectations, plans, or ideas that hold such sway
over us? It is as if we've written a script for a play of our lives that runs
about a month ahead of actual life; if reality varies from what we've
created in our minds we disengage or pout.”

- Holly Sprink
https://twitter.com/5chan_nel (5ch newer account)

70名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:01:28.65ID:hl/sEVZAp
'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

71名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:03:42.81ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Doris the Finkasaurus @troutsbastard
2018/11/22 11:07:17

What is it about holidays that make people so angry?
50 yr old women in stores ready to throw down over a chocolate pie.
Jesus Wanda, go home take a Xanax & evaluate your shit.

Twitter for iPhoneさんから
https://twitter.com/5chan_nel (5ch newer account)

72名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:07:05.24ID:ZIBCQtwL0
This expression is used so much in everyday conversation.

73名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:29:46.90ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Why are the Switch selling so much!

74名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:34:48.77ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Did pigs buy Pokemon Pika?

75名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:39:32.64ID:ZIBCQtwL0
No more censorship

76名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 14:53:12.13ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Do pigs want to play lewd games so bad? Congrats. Sony excluded lewd ones from the ps4, so all lewd ones are starting to gather to the Switch. You can play them as much as you want. Lucky.

77名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 15:01:52.22ID:ZIBCQtwL0
The Switch including Mario Cart 8 Deluxe is 299 dollars in the US. And you can get a 50 dollar coupon when you buy one at GameStop. How much did you buy just a Switch? About 30,000 yen? I'm sure that you are exploited by Nintendo. You're poor.

78名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 15:59:17.84ID:ZIBCQtwL0
What is it about Sony that will exclude lewd games and scenes? It's funny and weird. Don't buy Sony products.

79名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 16:01:42.45ID:ZIBCQtwL0
What if Nintendo and MS excluded lewd games as well. It's a nightmare.

80名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 16:15:36.06ID:ZIBCQtwL0
What is it about Nintendo that tries to make more gacha games? Did they forget what Iwata was saying about them? What an evil company. I miss the Iwata era.

81名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 16:45:08.21ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Laser beams everywhere on ps4 games now.

82名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 17:17:37.15ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Hinnyuu is called pancake in the west. That girl's boobs are small like a pancake.

83名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 17:29:40.45ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Which one do pigs like? The girls with big boobs or the ones with small ones? You like Xeno Blades 2, so I guess you like the latter.

84名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 17:31:24.42ID:ZIBCQtwL0
No, it was the former. There are many big boobs there.

85名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 17:33:05.91ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Big boobs are justice.

86名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 17:39:38.44ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Don't worry. Nintendo would protect girls' boobs. They never censor them because they love them as well. Look at Homura from XenoBlade2. It's their tastes. They are perverts.

87名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 17:50:26.47ID:ZIBCQtwL0
All girls' boobs and nudities are moving from the ps4 to the Switch. I like how Sony threw away Gokis.

88名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 17:55:42.18ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Do pigs lick girls' boobs on the Switch screen?

89名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 18:27:27.51ID:ZIBCQtwL0
When does Tencent buy SIE?

90名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 18:38:36.29ID:ZIBCQtwL0
I wonder who would play the sequel of Sakura Taisen now. No one remembers the old games. I guess most fans have been away from gaming as they get older.

91名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 18:59:07.55ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Apparently IGN gave Fallout76 a rating 5.

92名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 20:07:49.13ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Go up

93名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 20:36:24.43ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Do pigs want to knead Homura's boobs?

94名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 20:45:12.14ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Homura's boobs have weird shape. I wonder if she wouldn't get stiff shoulders with the big ones.

95名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 20:48:28.85ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Homura is called Pyra in the west. Why did they change her name?

96名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 21:46:30.95ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Famitsu have been getting a lot of money from Sony as ad rate, so they praise ps4 games , like JoJo got a 40/40. Famitsu's reviews can be bought by money. Sony money is dominating Famitsu.

97名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 22:06:24.88ID:ZIBCQtwL0
Oh, the Pokemon game sold 3 million copies worldwide during the first week. It's the Pokemon power. I like how gokis get mad at it.

98名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 22:53:49.85ID:ZIBCQtwL0
The Switch is 10 yen off on Geo. I guess Geo has excess inventory for Switch.

99名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 23:13:29.42ID:ZIBCQtwL0
I wonder if Geo would go bankrupt because of the excess inventory for Switch. What's up with the cardboard's inventory?

100名無しさん必死だな2018/11/22(木) 23:38:03.93ID:ZIBCQtwL0
FF13 finally got the backward compatible on Xbox one. And with 4k on Xbox one X

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