What is it about the Switch that many people are buying?

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1名無しさん必死だな2018/11/20(火) 23:25:27.50ID:XKGTo7b80HAPPY
Screw the Switch. Buy a ps4 instead, and you can enjoy your gaming life more.

547名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 00:21:30.03ID:jFU49aG20
Originally we signed with SNK on SNK Heroines just on the PS4 format.
Then last year an opportunity happened at Gamescom,
two third parties happened to meet all together outside Nintendo’s meeting room.

548名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 00:59:10.94ID:PDwFE4510
That's alright

549名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 12:10:18.57ID:PDwFE4510

550名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 14:11:51.34ID:PDwFE4510
What did nishikuns buy on Cyber monday?

551名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 14:14:24.48ID:PDwFE4510
I wonder if Yamashita-san from Nisa got fired. Is he in Nisa?

552名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 14:17:23.02ID:PDwFE4510
Hey Yamashita-san, can you cancel our contact on ps4?

553名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 14:18:15.10ID:PDwFE4510
Can we cancel our contact on ps4?

554名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 14:19:09.71ID:PDwFE4510
Is it possible to cancel our contact?

555名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 15:22:59.85ID:PDwFE4510
I'm bored right now.

556名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 15:24:28.31ID:PDwFE4510
I'm from the US.
Can anyone talk with me?

557名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 15:26:03.64ID:PDwFE4510
I live in Illinois

558名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 15:59:53.20ID:PDwFE4510
That's alright

559名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:00:48.36ID:PDwFE4510
Are nishikuns licking girls' boobs? You're perverts.

560名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:01:33.51ID:FYjhyRRW0
You're lying:d

561名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:02:59.03ID:PDwFE4510
Hey yamashita san. Please tell me what happended to between you and Nintendo.

562名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:04:22.42ID:PDwFE4510
No, I'm from Illinois.

563名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:07:50.97ID:FYjhyRRW0
just in case, tell us your IP.
We know which state you response from :D

564名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:11:21.28ID:PDwFE4510
What? An anonymous forum here. No reason for me to make my ip address open.

565名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:14:17.87ID:FYjhyRRW0
No danger around you, if you are from states. pls!!!

566名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:17:18.09ID:PDwFE4510
It's funny. I wonder why you are curious about my ip address.

567名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:18:24.29ID:FYjhyRRW0
Or you can open first few IP letters.
Then we can know with your safe.

568名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:19:49.18ID:PDwFE4510
What's wrong with you?

569名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:23:49.77ID:FYjhyRRW0
Is that no way?
Sorry, Let us close talking.
I did not mean to scare you.

570名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:24:46.70ID:FYjhyRRW0

571名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:26:15.10ID:PDwFE4510
Ok, that's alright.

572名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 16:51:37.65ID:IvECAe7S0

573名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 18:18:02.69ID:PDwFE4510

574名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 21:40:26.24ID:PDwFE4510
When does Cyber Monday end? 12:00am?

575名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 22:46:11.24ID:PDwFE4510
Are nishikuns enjoying Smash Brothers?

576名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 22:56:11.72ID:PDwFE4510
Why don't fujoshis buy a Switch? A fujoshi game company is upset about it. Seriously maybe the company will go bankrupt. Please move from the vita to the Switch. The Vita will be over in the near future.

577名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 23:11:50.54ID:PDwFE4510

Please don't get mad at ps4 games that are never released on the Switch.

578名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 23:21:16.68ID:PDwFE4510
Over 550 games are backward compatible on the xbox one.
It's brilliant. MS is preparing for upcoming monthly subscription age.
Whereas the ps4 can't even run ps1 games.

579名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 23:26:58.15ID:PDwFE4510
MHW DLC will come out fall, 2019.
too late. Why does they announce it now?

580名無しさん必死だな2018/12/10(月) 23:54:20.52ID:PDwFE4510
Snes Classic can do better PS1 emulation than the PS1 Classic.

Gokis bought this garbage, right?

581名無しさん必死だな2018/12/11(火) 00:49:40.15ID:IZnMyGgg0
That's alright

582名無しさん必死だな2018/12/11(火) 01:19:16.64ID:IZnMyGgg0
Damage control

583名無しさん必死だな2018/12/11(火) 11:29:24.83ID:qEpIkKZk0

584名無しさん必死だな2018/12/11(火) 16:39:26.13ID:qEpIkKZk0
That's alright

585名無しさん必死だな2018/12/11(火) 18:37:34.80ID:qEpIkKZk0
Nintendo trolls everywhere

586名無しさん必死だな2018/12/11(火) 21:34:26.22ID:qEpIkKZk0
I like how Gokis are getting mad at the sales numbers of Smash Brothers. Fucking Gokis. Die with the ps4.

587名無しさん必死だな2018/12/12(水) 00:20:50.92ID:dRxNWbxe0

588名無しさん必死だな2018/12/12(水) 00:26:08.17ID:SvX8RNpo0
nisa yamashita! 
nisa yamashita!

589名無しさん必死だな2018/12/12(水) 03:28:38.19ID:dRxNWbxe0

590名無しさん必死だな2018/12/12(水) 11:08:28.80ID:dRxNWbxe0

591名無しさん必死だな2018/12/12(水) 13:37:25.89ID:dRxNWbxe01212
Famitsu: Smash Bros Ultimate sold 1,238,358 units in Japan in 3 days, 278,313 Switch sold

Gokis are crying with this? 👀
Rock54: Caution(BBR-MD5:b73a9cd27f0065c395082e3925dacf01)

592名無しさん必死だな2018/12/12(水) 13:47:37.72ID:dRxNWbxe01212
From Media Create Thread

Lelouch0612 said:

Top Best Week 49 (Famitsu, excluding launch week) :

Portable :
1/ 350k (3DS 2011)
2/ 317k (GBA 2003)
3/ 310k (DS 2006)

Home consoles :

1/ 264k (Wii 2007)
2/ 194k (PS2 2003)
3/ 184k (PS2 2001)

Last year : 193k (NSW 2017)

Nintendo Switch has the new record for Home Consoles !!!!!!!!!

Gokis lol.
How many ps4s sold last week?

593名無しさん必死だな2018/12/12(水) 16:39:20.16ID:dRxNWbxe01212
This package art of Chrono Trigger is cooler than Japanese one, right?

594名無しさん必死だな2018/12/12(水) 21:35:33.90ID:dRxNWbxe01212

595名無しさん必死だな2018/12/13(木) 00:00:56.82ID:GuHYuMTV0

596名無しさん必死だな2018/12/13(木) 00:17:36.69ID:3k8uk8vj0
nisa yamashita! 
nisa yamashita!

597名無しさん必死だな2018/12/13(木) 00:21:42.78ID:3k8uk8vj0
Originally we signed with SNK on SNK Heroines just on the PS4 format.
Then last year an opportunity happened at Gamescom,
two third parties happened to meet all together outside Nintendo’s meeting room.

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